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Five Ways to Get the Most From Your Coworking Space

New in Saskatoon, coworking space is a great option for those who work alone yet seek the socialization and potential for collaboration that an office workplace provides. Following the suggestions above can help you make the most of the experience. Make Sure To Socialize This one may seem a no-brainer, but it bears mentioning. The many potential benefits of doing business out of a coworking space will mean very little for your creativity or output if you don’t take advantage...
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$1 for the First Month’s Co-Working Rental*

If you’re looking for the best deal on co-working space, for a limited time, and while quantities last, pay $1 for the First Month’s Co-Working Rental*! Getting your rent for $1* makes trying new things even easier! Call 306-665-7233 to get started. We are confident that Passion Safe is your best choice for co-working in Saskatoon, SK. * Learn more about additional terms and conditions that may apply. Terms and Conditions “$1 for the First Month’s Co-Working Rental” promo is valid...
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coworking space in saskatoon

Coworking Tips for First Timers

Though a relatively new idea, Coworking Spaces are growing in popularity among freelancers and other self-employed professionals in Saskatoon. These shared workspaces offer people who work in isolation the opportunity to benefit from the energy and insight of other professionals. If joining a Saskatoon coworking space is something you are considering, here are five things to keep in mind in order to make the most of the experience. Choose the Right Space for You and Your Business Finding a coworking...
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packing and moving tips

Packing And Moving Tips

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Packing… and moving. MAKE A PLAN Jumping in without any consideration is fun for kids at the lake, but it won’t make moving or packing any more enjoyable. Trust me. When you’re in your new house surrounded by boxes looking for a frying pan, you’ll be happy you started out with a system. Systems that use colour or number coded rooms and clear, concise lists (no miscellaneous – what is that anyway?) are effective and simple....
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The Best Way To Fold And Tape Boxes

Some Advice for a Smooth Move This may seem like the simplest topic that a person could ever spill digital ink over, but when you’re moving or packing up precious belongings… well, I wouldn’t doubt it if more than one relationship came apart at the flaps (yep, that’s a box pun) over how to fold and tape a box. Doing a Google search on how to handle the task of box building raises more questions than it answers. I quickly...
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