Coworking Tips for First Timers

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Though a relatively new idea, Coworking Spaces are growing in popularity among freelancers and other self-employed professionals in Saskatoon. These shared workspaces offer people who work in isolation the opportunity to benefit from the energy and insight of other professionals. If joining a Saskatoon coworking space is something you are considering, here are five things to keep in mind in order to make the most of the experience.

Choose the Right Space for You and Your Business

Finding a coworking space in Saskatoon that best suits your business is very important. You’ll want to make sure, of course, that the space you are considering has all the amenities necessary for you to do business efficiently. If your work will require a conference room, or break room, you’ll want to check that the coworking space you’re considering boasts such features.
Equally important (if not more so) in choosing the right coworking space is finding one that seems a good fit for you socially. The potential productivity of any group depends entirely upon its members. Choosing a coworking space shared by unenthusiastic, low energy folks is unlikely to produce the quality socializing or the synergy you want from such an arrangement.
Because finding the right coworking space is so important, it is recommended you take advantage of a daily or weekly membership at first. This way you can get a feel for the workspace without having to commit yourself long-term.

Stay Productive

While there are many benefits to be gained by socializing at the workplace, excessive or irrelevant chatter can be a terrible drain on productivity. When considering a coworking space, try to get a feel for the tenor of the member’s socialization. Do they spend the majority of the time talking business and networking, or discussing sports and television shows? The right atmosphere can make all the difference in the world to your output, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Be Equipped

Most coworking spaces are built using open-office plans. While such a work environment can encourage the sharing of ideas and collaboration, it can also get pretty noisy at times. You’ll want to keep a pair of headphones handy just in case you’re deep in thought and moving swiftly toward a “eureka” moment just as a lively conversation begins.
Also, you’ll want to make sure you have a supportive, comfortable chair in which to work. If the coworking space doesn’t have one, bring one with you. It will be worth it in terms of productivity and back-health.

Book Conference Rooms and Meeting Rooms in Advance

A lot of coworking spaces feature conference rooms and meeting rooms. Remember always that the essence of a coworking space is that it is a shared working space. Book conference and meeting rooms as soon as you know you will be needing one, both as a courtesy to the other members and as a favor to yourself. How embarrassing it would be to have an important client or prospect for a meeting, only to find out you booked the room too late and it is unavailable!

Be Respectful of Others

When sharing a workspace, it is always good practice to be respectful of those who work with you. Make sure always to clean up after yourself. Also, try never to be a distraction to those around you. Remember always that the other members are there for the same reason as you, namely to get work done.

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