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Preparing your vehicle for Saskatoon winter storage is not something that you want to take lightly.  If you take a little time to prepare and think about the consequences of minor problems over an extended period of time, it is easier to prevent them from blowing up into headaches. Let’s consider some of the things that you can do below for preparing your classic car, motorcycle, atv, jet ski, boat or performance vehicle for winter storage.

#1: Fuel System and Engine Maintenance

Always fill your vehicle up with a non-ethanol fuel. The ethanol is known to break down gaskets and seals because it is more corrosive than petroleum gasoline. Adding a fuel stabilizer and running it for a few minutes through the engine will prevent the gasoline from distilling and gumming up your injectors and other parts. By filling it up and topping it off, you prevent moisture from accumulating in the gas tank.

Run the vehicle once a month and at least move it back and forth to prevent the clutch and other parts from seizing. You can also add some oil directly into the carburetor for long-term storage. In addition, check the antifreeze to ensure that it has adequate cold weather protection to prevent the block from freezing and cracking. And changing the oil and filter right before storage will reduce the acidity and the level of contaminants.

#2: Vehicle Storage

Breathable car covers won’t trap moisture against the paint. And you should only use a car cover if you have an indoor heated garage to maintain the vehicle. This can prevent water leaks from dripping onto the paint and softening it.

If the vehicles are going to sit on top of dirt, always place a plastic tarp underneath to prevent moisture from building up. You can drive the vehicle up onto plywood boards or even jack the vehicle up off its wheels to relieve pressure on the suspension system. This will also prevent flat spots on the tires.

If you do jack up the vehicle for long-term storage, be sure that the wheels are still touching the ground to prevent the rubber from drying out. Also, ensure that no sunlight is penetrating into the storage area. The UV radiation will fade and damage the paint, upholstery, and carpeting.

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#3: Battery Storage

Remove the battery and store it indoors on a shelf with a battery tender if you don’t have your car in heated storage. Otherwise, you can simply unhook the battery leads and keep it charged with a battery tender in the vehicle. The electrochemical reactions in the lead-acid batteries require you to maintain a charge. If the charge gets too low, the battery will be damaged and won’t hold a charge.

#4: Wash and Wax

Wash and wax your vehicle before you put it into storage. Washing it will remove any contaminants and residues from acid rain and other corrosive substances. Waxing it will help to protect the paint from moisture penetration. You may also want to coat other parts and the underbody of the vehicle with a high-quality silicone sealant that repels water.

#5: Other Tips

Stuff rags into the exhaust to prevent any rodents from nesting inside of it. You can do the same with the throttle body, carburetor, and the air intake ductwork. Keeping baking soda in the interior can absorb moisture and eliminate odors. Using a non-toxic rodent repellent will prevent mice from chewing up the wiring and interiors. And finally, you can coat the chrome surfaces with petroleum jelly to prevent oxidation.

A vehicle that is not properly prepped for winter storage is not going to be collectible for long. The more modifications and replica parts that you have to put into a vehicle to fix damage, the less original and valuable it becomes.

Where Passion Safe Comes In

The winters in Saskatoon, Canada, can be cold and long. This is why indoor heated storage is highly recommended for any vehicle. You shouldn’t expose your classic car, motorcycle, atv, jet ski, boat or performance vehicle to freezing temperatures for long periods of time to preserve and protect them.

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