Savings, Safety and More: How and Why Self-Storage for Students Work

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As a student in Saskatoon, college is about growth- in intellect, skills and also stuff. Most freshmen move quickly from only possessing the childhood bedroom contents they arrived with. Soon they’ve built up semesters’ worth of books, memorabilia and collections reflecting matured interests. Then come care packages, gear and essentials parents send to their bright achievers. Add everything students are loaded down with to haul back from visits home. Possessions make moving out or along challenging when student space is limited, shared and vacated for lengthy times. When apartment leases end or graduation arrives, collegians needn’t part with treasures. Self-storage units are safe, convenient, affordable solutions students can find value in long after college ends.

These tips for Saskatoon college students to use self-storage offer enormous benefits during this dynamic time in their lives.

Tip #1- Self-Storage Saves Money

Storage is cheaper than students think, especially with the Passion Safe self storage promotions, and discount student rates. Storage removes panic when students must move but have no idea where to start, especially in cities with limited space and competitive rental markets.

Tip #2- Self-Storage Protects Vehicles

Students may get to college in a parent’s old clunker but most upgrade to sophisticated rides. Self-storage prevents theft and vandalism from street parking and unattended campus lots for cars, bikes and motorcycles.

Tip #3- Secure Belongings Over Breaks

It’s inconvenient, sometimes impossible, for students to haul possessions home just for breaks, summer jobs and remote internships. Without options, they’ll get stressed about where to put their stuff until dorms reopen.

Climate-controlled storage is a cost-effective, temporary belongings home. Students can still access possessions should they return early or between breaks.

Tip #4- Secure Life While Traveling Abroad

Students dream to study and journey abroad, gaining credits for degrees plus unforgettable experiences. Self-storage guarantees when the opportunities arise, students can immerse themselves into a foreign country’s culture without finding house or babysitters for stuff.

Tip #5- Combine Forces With Roommates

When college roommates become lifelong friends, they’ll remember their terms of piling digs together in storage between off-campus housing arrangements on “It’s complicated” status.

So long as the mature, responsible roomie signs the storage lease, it should work out for all to share rental costs in exchange for necessary space to transition and declutter.

Tip #6- Guarantee Privacy For Unmentionables…

Sometimes, college students just want to move into adulthood without Mom and Dad having a clue. There’s no reason to distress parents or anyone with wine labels, beer kegs and more discretionary items. Students can put it all in storage and hide, or throw away, the key.

Tip #7- Keep a Layover on the Career Ladder

After college it’s off to the races- and new jobs or cities. Self-storage lets grads acclimate to new lives, even rent rooms and explore options abroad, without dragging everything until they plan to settle.

Tip #8- Size Matters

Make a night of estimating storage room size: Friends can stack and measure boxes to guarantee everything fits. Prioritize security, service and climate control first. Then, factor in price.

Tip #9- Don’t Forget the Insurance

As with apartment leases, self-storage requires comprehensive rental insurance. Storage insurance policies add security that item losses and damages are covered.

Don’t procrastinate. Students should book early during peak times to insure storage unit availability. At Passion Safe Storage in Saskatoon, we can help you get a handle on your space with the storage unit you need, in a size you can manage, at a rate you can afford. Call us today for the latest promotions and student discounts!

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